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Tracklist: 1) Left Right Right Left 2) Machine Learning 3) Plato's Cave 4) Interlude In Double D 5) The Cold Train 6) Mentill 7) Deform 8) Brains 9) Black Holy 10) Unity Air 11) The One 12) The Curious Mirror 13) Hope Sprung 14) The Miscarriage Of Justice Music by Wade Walker & Galen Wade / Lyrics by Galen / Mixed by Galen / Mastered by Dr. Toby Mountain ©2024 All Rights Reserved. The instrumental version of this monumental album will be released later in the year. Stay tuned!

The Final Dose

eyed view of the future melding into the present seems to emerge.​ Tracklist: 1) Pure Of Heart 2) This Is It (A Thanksgiving) 3) Setting The Table 4) Stand Your Ground 5) I'll Change My Style* 6) Point Of View (Waves Version) 7) A Seed 8) Neural Networking 9) Safe Space 10) A Fork In The Road 11) Angelic 12) Something In The Air 13) Walk With Me Music & Lyrics by Galen Wade, except *“I’ll Change My Style” by David Parker & Manuel Villa. Performed, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Galen Wade for Unified Sound Field. ©2024 All Rights Reserved.

The Waves
Plato's Cave

out for yourself. “Bedrock (feat. Tina Packer)” finds Galen scratching the hell out of some lines from a Tina Packer lecture, and clearly indicating where the line “Language is the bedrock of democracy,” derives from in the above song. He also lifted the idea of closing “Plato’s Cave” with Shakespeare from this brilliant and enduring theater artist. Tina Packer is the founder of Shakespeare & Company, a theater troop and educational facility based in Lenox, MA. Galen has been the recording engineer on four different audiobook projects with Tina, most via Alison Larkin Presents, where Galen was head of audio for many years. Tracklist: 1) Plato’s Cave (from the upcoming LP, The Final Dose) 2) Bedrock (feat. Tina Packer) Music by Wade Walker & Galen Wade / Lyrics for “Plato’s Cave” by Galen / Text for “Bedrock” written & read by Tina Packer / Mixed & Mastered by Galen ©2023 All Rights Reserved


Released: December 12, 2023

Galen Wade Folk Tales

“Like A Tree,” is the song that launched Unified Sound Field. A simple little ditty clocking in at 1:30, it set the tone for all that would follow. It is nice to finally release it into the wild. “Happily Every After,” was recorded with a table harp and my daughter’s rented cello, and this recording was the first (and maybe only) time I ever played cello. Little guitar in there as well. It’s a bit sad for a fairy tale, but then fairy tales often are. "findaway" I consider to be the bridge

between the acoustic songs I was working on at the time, to what would follow when I started playing with drummer Andy Malm again, and the whole ‘Hurlomatic’ thing roared into being. These three were forged in a space that was post cancer treatment and pre-dissolution of my first marriage. Sweet. Bittersweet. Longing for something, but not sure what. Resilient. Hopeful. Tracklist: 1) Like A Tree 2) Happily Ever After 3) findaway Original recorded in 2003. Part of Galen’s ‘Full Circle’ remastering project, this was remastered in 2023. Music & Lyrics by Galen Wade / Performed, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Galen Wade ©2023 All rights reserved.


Released: April 1, 2023 (April Fools)

Up They Sprung Mentill (Single Version)

“Mentill,” is the first release from the terrifying and extra lucid Up They Sprung record, “The Final Dose,” expected to finally drop in January of 2024. This is the first finished version and is quite different from what appears on the album. It was also the first song completed for the ‘Dose’ sessions, and a good indication that the Wade X Wade show was in full bloom again.


When Galen approached one of his heroes, Kramer, of Shimmy Disc and Bongwater fame, to remaster a couple of tracks from his Hurlomatic project, well, those two songs wildly exceeded his expectations, so he decide to let Kramer have a spin on an Up They Sprung track, and thus this here banger. Music by Wade Walker & Galen Wade / Lyrics by Galen / Mixed by Galen / Mastered by Kramer ©2023 All Right Reserved.


single take improvisations. ‘Open Sesame’ is a dream of chimes chiming in the moonlight. ‘Splink’ is the result of a dare after a text exchange between Mr. Wade and Mr. Walker (Up They Sprung) in the wee hours of the first day of 2023. It also contains the work in progress lyrics for Up They Sprung’s ‘ Moon Blind,’ which begins thusly, “Spirit Guide, look alive, we are in the thick of it.” And we were. But we have survived to tell the tale.  Tracklist: 1) Spirit Guide 2) Open Sesame 3) Splink Music by Galen Wade / Words by Galen Wade, Read by Victoria / Performed, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Galen Wade ©2023 All Rights Reserved.

Hurlomatic, Deal of the Century

Released: December 22, 2022

Hurlomatic The Deal Of The Century (Single)

This rough and rugged recording represents the very first moment 'The Deal of the Century' visited Galen & Andy, all fully formed and menacing in its certainty. That’s right, this is the very first spontaneous improvisation of a track that would go onto become a standard in the repertoire, and remain nearly unchanged from this first incarnation. Galen has said the song presented three visions of possible futures. He’s glad that it’s mostly the last one that has come to

pass. He’s also glad he talked Kramer, of Shimmy Disc & Bongwater fame, into having a crack at mastering this (along with ‘Industrial Lover’). In an email exchange, presenting his take on the material, Kramer said, “I have given your songs testicles!” Thanks, buddy. Music by Galen Wade & Andy Malm / Lyrics by Galen / Recorded by Galen on June 18, 2004, live to MiniDisc / Mastered by Kramer ©2022 All Rights Reserved.


Released: December 15, 2023

Up They Sprung 

Driving Animals To The Ark [ aka DATTA ]


“Driving Animals To The Ark,” is the snazzy and slick back catalogue remastering of all the early Up They Sprung tracks. From the blistering robo funk of their Talking Heads cover, to the wildly surreal and slightly inappropriate boss man of “Balloon Animals,” this is a couple of sonic artists in their prime, flexing their chops and challenging each other to new heights.


There is still nothing quite like this oddball collection of whip smart, wickedly inventive, smarmy and charming, menacing and demented musics. Most of them were made circa 2012, right before and after Mr. Wade & Mr. Walker both had baby boys, and life, for a long while, sent them down their individual paths. But there would be a rebirth. And as it caught fire and bloomed into being again, Galen began eyeballing this origin story and wishing it sounded better. Never in his wildest dreams would he dare to imagine how that would come to be accomplished. It had always stuck in some back corner of Galen’s noggin that those first CDs that David Bowie put out when CDs were just starting to be a thing circa 1990 through a small Massachusetts label called Rykodisc as part of his Sound & Vision series just sounded better than other CDs of the time. Why was that? Galen also noted with interest that the same man responsible for this remastering of the entire Bowie back catalogue had also mastered Morphine’s ‘Cure For Pain,’ another absolutely amazing sounding CD. Cue: Dr. Toby Mountain. Galen, on a tangent here, was listening to these actual CDs in his dad’s old Lexus (along with a remix CD of Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer”). Grinding along happily, he did a little research and after an inquiry, Dr. Toby called his cellphone, and lo and behold, was willing to dig into the dirt of this and breathe fresh air into that fertile soil, and something began to creep out of the ground and another something and Up They Sprung. Tracklist: 1) Balloon Animals {2012} 2) Bat J {2012} 3) Pulling Strings {2011} 4) Harvesting {2012} 5) Vulture (On The Dance Floor) {2013} 6) Burning Down The House* [2012] 7) Tumbleweed [2012] 8) Grace Period {2012} 9) Make Believe {2012} 10) Lazy Eye {2012} 11) Axaphone {2015} 12) Slipstream {2012} 13) Awake, Arise {2014} 14) Balloon Animals (Instrumental Remix) {2012} Music by Wade Walker & Galen Wade / Lyrics by Galen, except *“Burning DownThe House,” written by David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison & Tina Weymouth / Mixed by Galen Wade / Remastered by Dr. Toby Mountain ©2022 All Rights Reserved.


Released: December 8, 2022

Up They Sprung Dark Medicine

Two dank songs from our lab beneath the sea. Swirly guitars via Galen’s slide and eBow performance run thru the Walker machines for some 'Dark Weave' sound waving. 'Medicine' was originally timed to a Halloween release, and it’s got that gothic vibe. Galen scratched some morse code (from a ‘how to’ LP) into it for a special secret message. Both tracks were originally released on SoundCloud in 2012.

Track list: 1) Dark Weave 2) Medicine

Music by Wade Walker & Galen Wade / Mixed by Galen / Remastered by Dr. Toby Mountain ©2022 All Rights Reserved.


Released: December 1, 2022

Up They Sprung Bat J (Single)


Speaking of Wade Walker, it's getting to where I can't tell where he ends and I begin. We're in a very pure collaboration here, and this song has a kind of peculiar and hilarious back story. That title? It is an acronym of an Elton John song. Can you tell which one? I will tell you. "Bennie And The Jets." Which I suggested as a springboard for us to generate some ideas, for no particular reason, other that the fact that "Bennie And The Jets" always makes me happy when I hear it on the Very Conservative radio station where I spend my workdays. My nights, however, are my own, and I am prone to frothing a little

at the mouth and spinning around enclosed spaces using sonic vibration to find my way. So ... I make a super basic stomp rhythm based on ... sing with me now ... "Hey kids, shake it loose together," ... and then started a chugging guitar jam that rambled on for about 13 minutes and had occasional bursts of trying to (poorly) imitate some element of the Sir Elton song that I was finding increasingly difficult to remember was my springboard as I got lost (frothing at the mouth a bit) in my own rambling noises. And when I was done, I confess, a little bit exhausted, I decided to improvise some words, because why not. I then sent said sounds to Mr. Walker ( a.k.a. Hieroglytch ) at our secret lair beneath the sea, and he did what he does so well. Almost all of the structure, and most of the cool sounds are his. He then broke it down into stems and sent it back to me, and I decided to import it against the original jam ... and other sonic permutations, and as we worked on it, a fine alternative history emerged about Bat J ... lab bat ... and potential savior of batkind ... who has some extra sensory sonic powers that should he finally manage to escape the lab, could potentially heal all bat kind and rebuild collapsing colonies the word over. This is still my wish for him. Enjoy his Theme Song. ***Most of this was written for the original release of this song on SoundCloud in 2012. In lieu of covid-19 I find it a little eerie now :? Music by Wade Walker & Galen Wade / Mixed by Galen / Remastered by Dr. Toby Mountain ©2022 All Rights Reserved.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 9.26.07 AM.png
Plato's Cave
Folk Tales
Driving Animals to the Ark
Bat J
Dark Medicine

Released: October 3, 2013

Galen Wade Iconoclast

“Iconoclast” brought together all of my recordings from a very fertile creative period in my life. The material on Up They Sprung’s “Driving Animals To The Ark,” was also mostly done around this same time. I was expecting a child. I’d stumbled into the Stones Throw Message Boards weekly beat battles and was thinking to use it to hone my rhythm craft, but found myself making these dense little sonic epics. I thought of them each as little operas, though they were mostly instrumental. Finally, I had a space, this space that I still use, with a professional recording

studio in it, and all the dizzying options that entailed. Finally, I found myself finishing things regularly, then posting them on SoundCloud. Both a following and a community bloomed out from under me. I was collaborating, listing with eager ears, and making, making, making music. What a joy. Stubborn in my ways, I once again felt like I had to do everything myself. I was generating rhythms, making loops like my hip hop heros. I bought a bass. I thumped it. My guitar skills remembered me. Once in a while I’d sing something, but this was a different flex, the building of something organic, rich, neural. I thought of a section in one of Reza Abdoh’s plays called 'Dead Languages'. I felt I was calling them forth. I thought of DJ QBert & Mix Master Mike feeling like they were literally creating a new language to speak with aliens. (See the movie 'Scratch,' it's woonderful.) I kept making things, and one day, holy cow, I was the SoundCloud Artist of the Day. Not long after that, I was a recommended artist on that site and found myself on the same page as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. Then the tide ebbed. They redesigned SoundCloud and it became much less artist friendly for a sensitive plant such as myself. But I also knew that I needed to catch what had come my way during this time with my best efforts. So, I went to Pilot Studio to see the master/er Will Schillinger. Thusly, my flowers were preserved, and I was able to make my first self-release. This predates Unified Sound Field by about a decade, but it did pave the way, and I gladly welcome it back into the fold. Here’s some extra detail on a few essential tracks. “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me,” is a cover of the Smokey Robinson Motown classic which proceeds fairly traditionally for the first half before going full ham in the frenetic and heavy remix conclusion. “Two Moons,” aka “The Strangeness,” is literally carved on top of the “You Really Got A Hold On Me,” session. With some different drum treatments, cutting and pasting, and a serious electric guitar throw down, it became a very different beast (and it’s def got that funk). “You Dig,” is an ambitious three part piece that highlights the twelve-string lute I purchased at the foot of the Alhambra in Grenada, Spain while traveling with my theater company, ‘Dar A Luz,’ in the early ‘90s. The sweet final section is the first time I recorded my own voice then imported it back into my DJ software for a little scratch session. “You dig?” It felt like a fitting close to that first record, Iconoclast, as it was the final track produced. There’s more. The slinky and mysterious end of “Do That.”The fuzzed out menace and swirling feedback of “Storm Drain.” Whatever the boinging hell “Technocracy” is. And lots of little clues left within the fine grains. Hi, I'm Galen Wade, and I approve this message. It is December 5, 2023. Tracklist: 1) Technocracy 2) Meow Papa 3) Freedom of Expression 4) If It Ain’t Broke 5) Do That 6) Trust 7) Toy Factory 8) Storm Drain 9) Fur 10) You Vex Me 11) Dizzy Spell 12) You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me 13) The Scuttlebutt 14) You Dig? 15) Two Moons Music by Galen Wade. Lyrics by Galen Wade, except “You Really Got A Hold On Me,” by William "Smokey" Robinson Jr. / Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Galen Wade / Mastered by Will Schillinger ©2013 All Rights Reserved.

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