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  • getting the business entity I created, Wade Works, Inc., on solid ground

  • working with a graphic designer to refine my web presence & album art

  • releasing songs and sounds through my record label, Unified Sound Field

  • recording mixing & mastering music in my recoding studio

  • remixing & remastering metaphysical music and sonic art

  • working with an editor to revise and finalize my novel, “Hack Breaks”

  • seeking a home for my wicked little novelty book, “Now I Know My ABCs”


  • recorded edited proofed & mastered audiobooks in my professional recording studio 

  • head of audio for Alison Larkin Presents, an audiobook company

  • sound crew, occasional Front Of House mixer @ Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT

  • radio personality @ WSBS, Great Barrington, MA

  • radio personality @ WBCR-LP, Great Barrington, MA (Scratchy Records Show 2005-2012)

  • CEO, El Flex Multimedia

  • sound designer & live performance mixer for many Reza Abdoh plays & founding member of his company, Dar a Luz theatrical productions

Link to me discussing Reza Abdoh’s work in preparation for the documentary film “Reza Abdoh: Theatre Visionary”.

Rez Abdoh
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