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Unified Sound Field is a record label started by Galen Wade in 2022. It’s first focus has been to release both new music and remastered archival material from all of Galen’s various guises. Up They Sprung is his extremely active collaboration with Wade Walker, a wild and willful virtual band making rebel music for mad times. Music released under his own name, Galen Wade, runs the gamut from intimate acoustic ballads, to bombastic electric guitar jams, to intricately crafted mini-epics rich with the sonic density. To this already heady mix, will be added a complete and thorough revisiting of Galen’s work as howling front man for the duo Hurlomatic, with drummer Andy Malm. Galen’s DJ workouts will also receive a facelift under the moniker, The Galien. Then, once the business of it all is a little more clarified, it is Galen’s intent to branch out to other artists who share a like mind, and give them the same wide-open opportunities he is claiming for himself.


Unified Sound Field’s recording studio and office

are both based in Great Barrington, MA.



Unified Sound Field. 

PO Box 767

South Egremont, MA 01258

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